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I bought a used Antec Legend 8/8. Never thought about it being a great machine, just what someone had for sale locally and I could afford it.

Fast forward a few months to an ISS show in Dallas. I was looking at M&R, Workhorse and Ryonet presses, mostly to compare. Each one of the sales guys asked what I was currently printing on and I said an Antec Legend 8/8. They all said the about the same thing.... I got nothing I can sell you that is better than what you have. That made me feel really good about my purchase. And more in love with my Antec.

All that is to say, I do not know if they had nothing to sell me due to size, print head numbers or something else. But I like to think it was simply because of the name, Antec.

I have used other presses between then and now. Mostly all of the larger names in the business have about the same quality and ease of use. I would be happy with others too.

If I go shopping for a new one I would look into the cost of extra/specialty platens. I have heard some run several hundred dollars for a single platen. So getting an 8 platen press with all child size platens gets expensive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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