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Looking for a specific product: sweat short over lycra bike short

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I am looking for a supplier to find a combo short for athletic teams. The short should be a sweat short that is not tight and short like modern juniors shorts, but slightly loose and shaped without being baggy. Under it should be a 4-6" inseam lycra or spandex cotton combo legging with a cotton crotch. I am finding a need for this for the flexibility of a "bike" short, with a little modesty added to it by placing a sweat short over it for a sporty yet still shapely look. Most women, even in shape, over a certain age feel too exposed in just a bike short, but don't like the tightness/cheek exposure of modern junior-type sweat shorts. A shaped, flattering sweat short in contrasting colors over a cotton crotch shorter lycra/spandex/cotton short would be great. Spandex/lycra bike shorts don't breath well, so a cotton mix with lycra/spandex would be great, with a cotton crotch to eliminate the need for panties.

There is a huge market for this here! I see it on my team and in my gym all the time, and would like to get ahold of this piece, possibly for future screenprinting of team names/logos/affiliations.

Any help?


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