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I am thinking that it is going to be too difficult to continue to print my own shirts and manage my business at the same time. I'm unsure of what is a reasonable amount to be charged for smaller orders of shirts so could someone help me out?

Here is what I would need:

  • 1-2 color prints

  • oversized (16"x21")

  • water based preferably, if not then softening plastisol additive

  • tags printed inside

  • orders of ~30 per design

  • slim cut shirt, Tultex / American or Royal Apparel / something like that
Would it be possible to get something like this done for $5 per shirt, including price of shirt? I know it probably wouldn't if I wanted the AA shirts but with a shirt that is $2.50? If this could be done for $5 per shirt I think that would work well for me, would be a couple dollars more than it costs me now but would save a lot of time.

What do you think and can you give me any places that would do this?
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