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Does anyone know anyone else who sells Premium Pellosa Rhinestones other than Shine Art? I have been a customer of theirs for awhile now, I have moved a lot of my business to them, and spend hundreds of dollars a year with them, but I have had a bad experience and would like to see if there is another dealer out there. Their product is wonderful and the fault is my own. But I want to warn people that purchase items from them beware of their return policy. I ordered $100.00 worth of stones and I accidently pressed the wrong size when I ordered them. When I contacted them they would not exchange them or let me return them. While I do understand that they will not take a return on items in a envelope you do not know when ordering that the items are in a envelope so if they do not work for you when you receive them you are stuck with them. Again this was my mistake but I would think when you spend hundreds of dollars possibly more a year with a company that they might be a little more understanding. Again the mistake was mine but I just want others out there to be careful when ordering. These stones did come in a envelope but the envelopes were sealed in plastic sleeves that were heat sealed. Again MY FAULT.....just pay attention when ordering so you do not end up in the same situation as me.........
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