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Looking for a new printer

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Hi I am looking for a new printer to do clear films, and My first option will be an Epson 1400 that I am NOT familiar with and my concern is the quality of the half tones or if does half tones at all, I've used screenwriter3 and 4, and the stylus 4000, but both of this products are out of my price range, I would like to get something close to the screenwriter as possible, and I've heard that Epson 1400 is one of the best products for screen printing film maker and works as a heat transfer printer as well please let me know if I am doing the right decision thanks for your time. :)
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The 1400 does excellent film up to 13x19. It requires a RIP. I use Ghostscript, which is free and can be downloaded. God Bless.
Thanks for your post I was waiting for somebody to help me with it, and after the installation of Ghostscript what would be my next step?
Ghostscript is the RIP that actually tells the printer how to print postscript. You will also download Ghostview which opens your prn file. If you are using Corel, you have in the printer dialog box a "device independent postscript file". If you don't have this, you will need to download a postscript printer driver. There are several HP postscript models. You don't need the printer, just the driver. Many people use the 4MV. The printer driver enables you to set lpi, angle, trap, etc. Then save file as a .prn file. Open in Ghostview, select the 1400, click OK. This is the simple explanation. There have been several tutorials on Ghostscript on the forum in the past.
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