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Looking for a new DTG printer

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I am currently looking for a new vendor to print all of my custom shirts. I run a small on-line sporting apparel company and need someone that can handle the following:
1. Ability to print short runs of shirts (DTG). I usually do 1 – 10 of each design
2. Ability to print on White and colored shirts (I offer designs on white, black, grey and light blue)
3. Ability to Drop Ship shirts directly to my customer using USPS First Class

If you’re interested please send me your contact info and an idea of what you would charge.

Thanks in Advance
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Hi Eric,

Bob McCormack here. You can go to my site and find out eveything you need to know. We are on the East coast.

check us out at www.teeburn.com. We are based out of Baltimore.
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