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Looking for a mixture of Inksoft and DecoNetwork

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Hello I am looking for a design software for my store. I am providing an area where my customers can sit and design their customized shirts.

I like Inksoft and the fact that you can customize colors and change images. I like their images premade designs but I like the fact that Deco does not require me to spend $1500 to get started. Inksoft is well worth the price but as a new business I just can't do it.

Is there a software that offer great graphics and easy customizing features but at an affordable rate at the same time?

If I could merge Inksoft's format and Deco's pricing together I would be one happy person right now.
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After using Deconetwork previously I chose to go with Shirttools.

I know there is a $1000 upfront fee but its still cheaper then a years subscription to either Inksoft or Deco.

The major reasons I chose to go with Shirt tools.

1. Built on open cart I can customise anything I want extensions are very cheap and easy to find. With Deco you are stuck with what they give you and I found a lot of options missing or incomplete.

2. I can run it on any server I choose. With Deco I found there servers to be very slow and unresponsive at times.

3. Shirt tools designer isn't as advanced as Deco networks but its still only new and it works incredible well on mobile devices and is so much quicker then the other designers out there.
Thank you Justin I will do a Google and read more about it tonight.
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