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looking for a local supplier in Boca Raton

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Hello everyone. I just moved to Boca Raton Florida from Boston Mass and im looking for a local supplier as a need a few things for an order I would like to fill today/ I really don't want to wait on shipping because this needs to get done and all my emulation dried up...Thanks in Advance, Nick
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any help would be great, ive done a google search and cannot find anything! Im kind of in a pickle here....thanks...Nick
http://www.tsfsportswear.com blank shirts
www.floridaflex.com inks, emulsions, etc
Are you talking about screen printing supplies or garments? Rutland has a warehouse around the Miami area. There is also the Press Doctor and Florida Flex in Miami as well. Roeder Industries and Tubelite is out of Orlando. Hope that helps.

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