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looking for a heat press to fit my needs...

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Hey everyone. I just purchased an Epson 1400 printer this morning and im looking for my heat press now. I want to print ink transfers and press them on the shirts. I will also be using my vinyl cutter to cut heat press vinyl for things such as numbered shirts for my buddies softball teams ect. I was looking into the Mighty Press but it comes to like $800 for a 15" by 15" at best blanks.com with shipping and tax. I saw some no name brands on Ebay for about half that price. Is anyone using the no name brands? I mean I can afford the Mighty press but looking to cut costs where i can. I could even probably get away with a smaller press but i would like to avoid upgrading because i will probably never need anything bigger than 15" by 15".

Also looking for a CIS. I hear ink jet fly has a nice system but just not sure which ink i should go with. Pigment?

Thanks in advance, Nick
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You might want to check out pro world I belive there selling a sunnie press pretty cheap, If it were me Id stay away from ebay. I use an epson c-120 and I do well with the pigment ink and the (JPSS)jet pro soft stretch transfer paper
Good luck
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