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Looking for a Graphic Designer

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Hey, i just started Invertica. Its a skydiving/ adrenaline sport clothing line. Skydivers will buy anything that shows how tough and fearess they are. Im need need of a graphic designer to help me with shirt designs. Ive gotten a few made but they honestly look pretty boring.

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Hey Ryan
Here is the email address to the lady I use, she off the chain! Tell her Tim sent you! Her name is Nancy!
I design shirts everyday. I have a ton of new designs I can email you but, here is a tiny bit of my older portfolio.

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I'm interested. Feel free to click the link in my sig to check out some of my work. Good luck!
Visit my online portfolio--

garryrone on deviantART (garryrone on deviantART)

I am versed in many styles, skilled and dependable.
Let me know if I can help in any way.
[email protected]
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