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Looking for a DTG printer to work with me in the NY/PA/OH area. Need to order ASAP!

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Hello, I have a customer who needs shirts made asap and they must be printed with a dtg. Im In southwestern NY and need someone who isn't to far away and willing to ship.
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If you want NeoFlex quality please contact me.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
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Hello, I can easily help you out with this project and can ship out right away, can you offer me some specifics on what you need? Thanks

[email protected] or call 215-672-2382 EXT 104
Responded to you guys! thanks. Still looking until i can nail down something solid!
Give Cathie aka neochick twistin the wick is her forum name... Shes located in PA. shaverstown I believe..
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