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Looking for a conveyor dryer - suggestions?

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Hello. I've been researching conveyor dryers, but wanted to look here to see if I could get any suggestions/reviews. Initially I looked at the Little Buddy, but was told by the owner of a local business that I shouldn't get it. I don't want to blow the bank on it, but I do realize that I want a nice machine to help with production time. Any suggestions from anyone out there?

I've been looking at this: Ranar DX200 Scamp Dryer - ScreenPrintingSupplies.com
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If I were you I would find something with a bigger heating element. The heat panel on this dryer is only 16X16 inches. I have one that I use for a back up and I have to run the shirts thru twice for bigger prints.
I would look used or for something another notch up. At around $3000, there are a bunch of dryers that will handle about 200 shirts an hour. If you are running a manual press, I think this is a good capacity for a less expensive dryer. The little buddies and ranar are about 60-70 shirts an hour. If you are running a one color print, you will be able to crush that capacity.

Good luck!
I started with this dryer:

6 Ft. Conveyor Belt Dryer - Conveyor Dryers - EQUIPMENT

It works great, but I really wish I would have went with something wider. I am know looking at something more like a Vastex Econored II. If I was you I would look for something used that has a wide heat element and belt...you can find some great deals right now.
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