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Looking for a 6 colour, 4 platen, Micro Reg Press.

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Hey Guys and gals.
Looking for any insight you might have on buying a 6 /4 micro reg press
I like the look of the riley hopkins presses. Seems reasonably priced, and mid range as far as features and quality goes.
Anyone have any bad experiences? Good? Reccomendations?

Much Obliged
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Hopkins has been around for a while. I prefer M&R but have heard good thing on the hopkins press.
i have a hix presicia 6/4 -bought it brand new last august. the only problem is the welds came loose on one of the print heads... other than that, i really like it. i have a full hix set up and have no complaints about any of it.

i got mine off of craigslist. granted, i had to drive all the way to florida from IL- but showering in sinks in geogia gas stations is something i will never forget. that and their bloated, boiled peanuts for sale. i love the south (no sarcasm)

anyway, moral of the story is to check out craigslist!
Yeah i found a 8/4 Hopkins, { No micro , but i figure if i buy the kit four Four Micros, I should be ok. Reality is, you dont need to adjust the micros, on BOTH { or all } of the screens. Jus tthe problem area ones.
Problem is its HUGE. Ten feet across. Thats Big for a guy like me, and i think i need a new shop.
SUPER cheep deal though. Probs around 2000$ canuck bux.
ANyone had any luck with the micro kits? Seem slike it would be easy enough to install.
Thanks guys!
I have the Riley Hopkins 6 & 4 w/ joystick micro. I like it alot. It's a perfect fit for the space I have. The joystick micro is very easy to use. I've had no problems with it. The price was pleasing to the pocket also.
Does anyone know the difference between the Riley Hopkins press and the Hopkins press? I have heard of both and wondered if they were the same thing. Do they both have the joy stick registration?
Riliey hopkins has the joystick, I dont think the Hopkins/BWM has joystick.
The Hopkins BWM presses are the originals, and the company was started by Riley Hopkins. He started a new company called Riley Hopkins Promotions, which are the Riley Hopkins presses. The Hopkins BWM presses have conventional micros (XYZ style), and are considered (and always have been) great presses. Riley Hopkins presses feature the joystick registration, which is unique, but requires two hands to use - one moving the joystick, the other the frame. Many who've bought them like the joystick, but having learned on regular style micros, I think it would be harder to pull the screen into registration. The presses themselves seem to be well made. I'd want to see one in use at a shop before I bought one, though, just to see how easy it was to register screens. The original Hopkins presses are pretty much the standard design that most other press manufacturers copied.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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