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LOOKING FOR 6731 Next Level Ladies' Triblend Long-Sleeve Scoop

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Anyone know where I can find
6731 Next Level Ladies' Triblend Long-Sleeve Scoop
Alphabroder and TSF are out of the black sizes...thanks for any help :)
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S & S Activewear has all sizes except small.

Next Level warehouse is showing no inventory at all so these may be on their way to extinction. Don't plan long-term on this item.
Yeah, a few weeks ago I ordered via Alpha, but had to use an east coast warehouse.

I note the short-sleeve version also shows zero at NL for black. Could be the seasonal rush and a slow boat from Vietnam ... don't know. Unless they start a fire sale on the off-colors, I would assume there will eventually be more of these.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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