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Looking for 100% cotton sublimation t shirts printing

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I`m starting a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Atlanta - GA and we are looking for Manufactures that can produce t shirts, with Sublimation on 100% Cotton t shirts. We are looking for a Silk Screen when you touch the jersey t shirt you dont feel the silk on the t shirt. The silk start to be part of the jersey t shirt. Also we are looking for washed jersey t shirts, to produce beautiful designs.

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Sublimation works only for polyester. Try screen printing with discharge waterbase inks or DTG.
as stated above...sublimation will only work of 100% polyester white or some light pastel...but never on cotton as the ink only bonds with polyester and the image on cotton will wash off...you might check out Chromablast procedure...it is for cotton, but again only white/light pastel
As stated above - sublimation is for synthetic fabrics only. There are, however, modern polyester jersey fabrics that look and feel like cotton and even more comfortable to wear as they don't soak up sweat.

DTG or Chromablast could be an option, but both of these methods are surface prints, you can feel them (though the "hand" is minimal) and you could expect a little bit of fading/washing out of the print over time.

Screen printing with Waterbased inks could be your best bet.
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