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Lookin for help?!?

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Hey im not new to the site in fact ive been on here doin research for bout a year now...kudos to the site owner and everyone involved...but i've been doin shirts for a min mainly vinyl images and heat transfer im just startin to get into plastisol for any of the orders that i feel are best for screen printing jobs...but im just wonderin if theres anyone who has been dealin with t shirts that will like to talk, share ideas, and just general t shirt talk i have lots of ideas and just want opinions and things from other people in the bus. If u will help please pm for my messenger info...i love the site i just like to be able to ask someone something with out havin to go search for three hours everytime thnx!!!
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I'm sure you'll learn a lot here, and I'm sure we'll learn a lot from you too :)
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