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Hey everyone. I have been lurking around the forum for almost a year. I find it has a wealth of information and now I need more of it, and feel after a couple years in the business I have some information to give back to the community.

I started in November of 2011 with 2 designs, and really enjoyed doing it. I now have over 100 and more coming as I have time to make them. I make the shirts, the designs, do the shipping, built/maintain my website, run ebay, do the advertising, try to make sales calls to get wholesale clients... etc. All of it. I do work along side my mother since she doesn't have a day job and I do, she handles ordering supplies and accounting. She also helps fulfill the orders when we get backed up.

More recently I got kicked off of Etsy because their lack of ability to police their own site. A woman stole one of my designs outright, then reported me to Etsy for stealing from her. I was selling a LOT on Etsy and had 100% positive feed back over 2+ years. Since then my company had taken a nose dive. For a while my day job was paying for the company to survive. Right now it is covering itself but Working 70+ hours a week between my two jobs and having the t-shirt company bring in less than 10 dollars after expenses sucks. Looking to get this going again without the double-standard scum bags on Etsy.

Sorry to go off on that rant, sore subject haha.
Anyway, forum rules say this is the place to show you all my business so here it is:
WallyHawk : Selling Shirts to People Who Want Them

Did the whole site design and all myself. It lives in Adobe Business Catalyst. I had a wordpress store for a while that was great but when I got too big the site couldn't keep up and constantly broke.
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