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Long time Lurker, just saying HI

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Hey all, been reading the site now for a few months gathering info. I was thinking of getting a DTG printer, but think I'm switching gears to standard screen printing. I run a few leagues that I have shirt printed up every year, so I thought I would dive in and do it myself going forward. Running some numbers I should be able to pay off some used equipment in about a year (4-6 color press, flash unit etc .) I don't have anything as of yet, but check craigslist quite often, and see listings off and on, so it's just a matter of time before I start piecing things together.

One question I have for all of you is, what brand/type of ink should I start out with? Whats the best user friendly I guess I would say. For my first shirt I need to do a neon yellow on dark purple for my league (1 color).

Also, I'm not sure if I'll have a good exposure unit to start off with, do you think shops will just burn screen's for people?

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