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Long Beach ISS

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I'm a t shirt printer and don't go to many shows, but I heard that if you go to 1 a year, this is the one to go to.

Is that true?

Thanks for your feedback.
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Yes, I think it's the largest ISS show in the country.
My wife and I go to the Long Beach show. This January will be the third year in a row. It has helped me grow my business. I would recommend to go and see for yourself.
Be physically prepared! I went to a much smaller show and my feet and legs were killing me after just a few hours. Long Beach will take several days, so be sure that you can take the extended times standing and walking.
sounds like fun!

hire some sherpa guides/pack mules
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sounds like fun!

hire some sherpa guides/pack mules
it's a great show - don't forget your sandwices and a six pack!
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