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Logo on the back near the collar.

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Hi people!

My name is Guesley, I'm from Montreal (Canada) and I sell T's on my online shop (www.salstar.com). I'd like to say hi to everybody on this great forum.

I recently bought a 15x15 heat press and ordered custom plastisol transferts from First-Edition. Everything is working fine (thanks to all the infos I got on this forum). There is only one problem: I'm trying to transfert my logo (1 inche by 1 inche) on the back of my t-shirts, about one inche below the collar but because of the collar, I can't get the t-shirt to be flat on the heat press.

Any ideas on how to print a logo on the back, below the collar, without having the collar itself interfering with the transfert proccess?

Thanks a lot!

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you could purchase some palette rubber from a screen printing supply company. Cut to a size about 4X4 or so and place under the area you are applying your transfer. Change the pressure / distance on your heat press to compensate for the higher platen.
use a pillow from stahls.

this is when a Hat Press comes in Handy

i know i've said that before. :D
Use a mouse pad or an keyboard wrist pad. If you are really desperate use a beer koozie.
Thank you all for your advices, I'll try them tonight!
...and welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
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