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Hi all,
Looking at diversifying and increasing my portfolio to include Logo vinyl car stickers.
Now I have been doing a little research to see if this is going to be viable. Early indications seem to indicate that there could be some profit in this sector, but I do have a few worries, the main one being the big Copyright issue:rolleyes: I hear your shouts 'Not this one again'!
Now the guys which are making these this 'side of the pond' appear to write a 'Disclaimer' into the 'Terms & Conditions' page on there websites 'Shifting the onus' onto the customer to gain permission from the Copyright owner to display the logo decal on their vehicle:confused:
One or two also appear to appeal directly to the Copyright owners to contact them if they do not wish them to produce and sell their logo.
Now I know about all the hard work, money, time & dedication it takes to build a 'brand' but what harm will I be doing them if I produce a GOOD QUALITY vinyl decal for my local 'boy racer' to stick on his 'pimped-up' ride (I think this is the expression you use out there!)
Surely at the end of the day, it's free advertising??
Ok, hard hat is on, your thoughts please!

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