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Little black spots after sublimating

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We have had this issue for the past 3-4 months and we just can't figure out what is wrong. When we print the paper it doesn't show anything but after we sublimate the substrate (mugs mostly) you can see many random black dots all over it. We tried sublimating a blank piece of paper to see if it was the paper or the mug but nothing showed up, we tried a new brand printed but the problem persisted, we changed the paper and still not working, we thought it was the cold weather (Canada) but the weather is nice now and still showing up. We are currently using a ciss with an epson c88 printer.
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Most likely the printer is spitting out small amounts of ink. Even spots so small you can't see on the print will show up once pressed. This could be from the ciss or probably the printer itself. Can you use a different printer to sub some samples with?
Did you have the printer do a head cleaning?
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