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Listing price on website bring more customers?

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I know when I personally have to call in for a screen print quote, I get annoyed since I call, then wait for a quote. Some people that have not screen printed before might even be a bit scared as if they might get cheated.

So far we have not posted prices online, people seem not to have a problem calling/emailing for a written quote.

But, I am wondering if we are losing potential customers if they head to our website and don't see listed prices, if they just decide to shop elsewhere with listed prices online since they feel more comfortable that every charge is listed in front of them.

So, question, do you list prices online? & did it bring more customers? (only reason we don't list prices online is because we don't want our local comps to get into a price war with us). And I realize they can always call or email for a quote, but they can't always have our price sheet on hand.
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Great question! There is also some other theories behind this: Sometimes people will ONLY shop companies online that show their pricing (If they don't show it, it's probably because they are too expensive!) This question can be very subjective - we seem to be getting more business now that we are showing our pricing online, but then again, we are really pushing the advertising like never before as well too. Good luck!
This is my personal opinion, remember what your mother said about opinions, if I cannot find a price on a website it's extremely frustrating especially if I really like the product and have no idea until I fork over a whole bunch of information. Even if you could put a prices start at X amount, at least someone would have a basis for estimating a price. Just know that method could also backfire, especially since most people's expectations about what they can get for the price are sometimes never even 'playing in the same ball field' if you know what I mean...
I never posted pricing until I went to an ISS show,
I took a seminar on pricing, the instructor, I forget his name but is well known in the industry and has much experience, said that having a pricelist that the customer can have and take home (or on a website) acts as a silent salesperson. It somehow eases the customer seeing the prices listed, and makes calling for an official quote easier since they have a good idea what to expect.

It made sense to me and although I was nervous about it at first, I posted it.

My advise if you decide to post it is make sure that you have it how you want it and make sure you include "prices subject to change":)
I don't post prices on my site, but have decided to change this. I have had many calls for pricing, so I think adding this will help. I agree that a disclaimer is needed about "prices subject to change". I hope that this change will decrease volume of calls for price checks and increse calls for orders. ... JB
thanks guys,

I agree that the customer may feel more comfortable with posted prices. I think it may be a good idea, but my partner thinks otherwise. A good compromise to test would probably be to post " as low as" prices that way it doesn't hide prices, but it shows the customer a base price to go by. What do you think of this?
A good compromise to test would probably be to post " as low as" prices that way it doesn't hide prices, but it shows the customer a base price to go by. What do you think of this?
I'm speaking as a customer here, rather than a business owner who has tried something like this, but personally I hate it when businesses do that. I always feel like the actual price will be significantly higher than the "as low as" price. There'll inevitably be some excuse for why this order is different, and needs to cost at least twice as much.

"As low as" isn't a guarantee, and it doesn't give me any kind of confidence.

Something you could consider if you wanted to have some prices up but not a complete list, might be some kind of special or sample offer. Give a firm price on some kind of fairly typical order (e.g. 30 pieces on black Gildan shirts with a chest logo and a back print - or whatever).

To me, it gives more of a sense of stability to the prices that are there. Rather than emphasising the "starting at" aspect, I'd focus more on "This would cost this much - if you have different needs, why not contact us for a quote?"

It still gives people a ballpark idea of price, but without giving the feeling that the company will try and weasel their way out of quoted prices.

I don't know, maybe this isn't a problem - but that's my perception.
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