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lines along bottom of print

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I'm getting a weird effect with some of my prints on my new machine. I do a push stroke. I get lines along the bottom (furthest away from me) edges of the print. Below the lines, the layer of ink is thinner than the rest of the print.

Anyone know what causes this?
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if you are talking about the hazy lins at the bottom of all the text it is probably due to loose and sagging mesh. when you push on your squeegee, it makes a wave effect on the mesh which moves the image down a little causing that line. i would try to use a normal pull stroke. hope that helps
The screens are pretty much brand new. Most of them are from Pocono and they seem really good quality to me.

I tried doing a pull stroke instead of a push and the lines went away. However, I am a lot better at clearing the screen with the pull stroke than the push stroke.

I did some experimenting and he is what I found. I've been using a logos press where all your screens are higher off the platen on the side closest too you. I never noticed this problem with the logos press.

I just got this Brown pony printer where you can adjust the tilt. I started noticing this. It shows up by far the most if I print on just a plain piece of paper. It is really obvious on paper. On test pellons it goes away a little bit and on actual shirts it is minor, but still faintly noticeable. The bottom edges come out less defined.

I tried raising the off contact without adjusting the tilt, until the screen is higher on the side closest to me. When I did that the lines went away with the push stroke.

Any thoughts?
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