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line sheet questions

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I did a search and there doesn't seem to be too many threads on this topic.

I'm familiar with the general guidelines, nice images of your shirts/product with good descriptions/write ups/fabric info, wholesale price = 1/2 of retail.

But a few areas I'm not sure of:

For an unknown brand, what would be a typical or appropriate order minimum?

Do you need a firm delivery date, or maybe if stores know you don't have inventory, would a loose date (like "the week of") be unprofessional?

For the order form part, would a store just pencil in how many of each shirt they want and then you get their signature so it then becomes a contract?

I'm assuming they pay when you deliver the product, so again by filling out the order form, then that could be used as a contract on the outside chance a store faked the funk on you and backed out of it?

I think I have another question I can't remember right now too.

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bumping this in case anyone has any advice in this area
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