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Hello everybody. I am a designer who is thinking of making a lttle online shop to sell some of my personal designs. I dont really intent to get rich from this, just a away to make some extra money from my designs and illustrations , and also to have the satisfaction of seeing other people wearing my designs.

So at this point i have started to build my online shop on my little spare time , the next step to get to atend is setting up production.

I found a supplier of Tee's not top notch quality tees but they appear to be cheap enought for the qualotity of the tees.

I will soon get my hands on a Cut plotters , the only thing missing is the vinyls and a method to apply the vinyl in the tees.

This is something i know little about , the tee's production process so I decidded to join thi highly ranked Tshirt Forum , to learn and interact with other members of this wodnerfull artistic bussiness

Hello everyone and hope i can lear a few tricks and get a few hints from all you guys.

At the moment what woudl you people would advise me in terms of:

- Vinyl supplier
- What cheap Cut Plotter should I get and from where?
- What to I use to transfer the vinyl to the tshirt, and where can i get it from ?

If anyone can answer me these basic start up questions I would be AMAZING .

Thank you all
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