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Limited cash for equipment - are any of these deals good?

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I've been trying to get started with print screening, I have my niche, people interested, preorders and so on.

Wanted to get my own screen printing thing going and so far I have found these offers. PLEASE tell me if they are even worth it.

Offer #1
AZTEC 4 color rotary manual press 2 workstations 1 vastex 17x17 flash dryer 120 volts/ 16.5 amps Includes: squeegees, and 5 screens for about $1000.

Offer #2
Universal screen printing machine new for $800-900.

Offer #3
Yudu Screen Printing Machine for $182.
Walmart.com: Yudu Screen Printing Machine: Crafts

My initials shirts don't have more than 2 colors.

what do you think?
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What's your total budget for equipment and the necessary supplies?
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