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Like to know what to invest

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Hi, I'm pretty new to the site, and the industry itself. I don't know where to post this other than in a 'general' section so here goes:
My question is what beginners heat press should I start investig in?

I have a computer and Corel; what I dot have is the experience using a heat press or a heat press, period. I wanted to make sure id take it one step at a time. If anybody can give me even more advise in terms of tips. Is appreciate it.
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What exactly are you looking to do? You can start with a print and cut set up where you print out and then cut and weed the transfers, but you may soon grow out of it. Another option is a white toner laser printer and no cut laser transfer papers. This set up with paper, printer and heat press will run you around $10,000, but will provide you with the most options. I am having great success creating transfers for both light and dark substrates using an OKI DATA pro920WT white toner laser printer and FOREVER transfer papers.
Visit Stahls.com, they have a lot of different styles of heat presses, and also lots of support & products for the heat press part of the tshirt business. Also check on ebay.com, but stay away from the low end "cheap" presses; they will work OK for a while, but if you plan to stay in this end of the business, you'll need a good quality press.
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