This unit is like new. It was a demo at a show but only got pressed on 3 times.
I bought it to add visors, caps and dog t-shirts. I was told that dog t-shirts and children's little onesies press great on it.
But the company we were going to be getting our hats and visors from.... started showing signs that it was failing, we placed a display order, one of each color hat and visor from them and before we could place a stocking order, they were selling out all their merchandise as the business was failing. So we waited to see what was going to happen, months later, they announced they were closing down. We had started to researched for another hat/visor company to fit our needs, but pricing and or ordering quanties was way off for our business. So on and off, we researched but never found that right fit. Then we decided to get into the small pet shirts and baby onesies but realized we could do that and just continue to use all our different size flat presses. It was to much money invested in this unit to do onesies with. Our business is way to small for doing that.
A nice thing about this unit, it doesn't take up alot of real estate. That part worked nicely for us.

HOTRONICS, is a high end top selling heat press company.
This unit brand new sells for $1000.00 Not Including Extra Platens
The 4 additional Platens cost $275.00 new and these 4 have never been used. Still in original bubble wrap
The total price brand new in box is $1275.00.

I am asking $775.00, plus shipping from Las Vegas, NV. That is $500.00 for a unit only pressed on 3xs.
We do charge 3% for packing supplies on this unit.

You can email me with ANY question or to purchase at [email protected]