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Hi! I've gotten a ton of useful advice from this forum so far - thanks! - but this is my first time posting. I desperately need to find a new supplier for a lightweight women's zip up hoodie. I've been ordering from Active Basic (style #5447), but I just found out that their plus size ones (XL, 2X, and 3X) are backordered and not likely to be available again for at least a few months if at all. I'm already oversold with orders that I can't fill now, and it's my best selling item so I need to find some sort of replacement.

American Apparel has a similar style but only goes up to size XL. Bella has something sort of close, but their wholesale price is $20 each, and I was only paying $6 for Active Basic so I can't increase my price enough for that much of a cost difference. Does anyone have any recommendations?? I'd like to get at least up to 2XL and stay under $12 if possible. I just need them in the color black. Lightweight, stretchy material, with a hood. Thanks for your help!
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