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Licensing Your Product Globally

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I was wondering if anyone has any technical knowledge on licensing your product or trademark globally? I just read about a company that did this and I knew I would eventually look into it but since I feel like I haven't really researched this area too much that I would ask you guys..

Any help will suffice.

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Not sure exactly what kind of info you're looking for, but you could either license your IP yourself or through a licensing and branding agency. Either way, you would be looking to find manufacturers of various product (preferably with legit distribution) who want to use your IP on their product.

For instance, The Northwest Company is known for making blankets. You could ask them if they are interested in acquiring a license to design, produce and distribute blankets featuring your IP. Another idea is Great American Products, they make shot glasses, coffee mugs, etc.

You can pretty much find a manufacturer of any product and contact them. Obviously, your IP is going to need to have value in the market to make it worthwhile for them.
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