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License questions..

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Ok, hold my hand for a minute. I realize that different states may have different policies, but I can't get anyone on the phone right now AND I want to make sure I'm not going to sound totally dumb when I do talk to them.

I have owned a bakery before, so I "get" that side of licenses and taxes.

However, the clothing business that I'm about to launch myself into is going to be online only. I will sell both retail and wholesale through my site. This is where I'm in unfamiliar territory, as I know taxes + selling on the 'net = some confusion sometimes.

-I have my Federal Tax ID (they actually reopened my previous one), and requested to file quarterly instead of monthly
-I know I need a state business license

Being online only, will I need a county license as well?

Also, on my state's Dept. of Revenue website, it states:
"ALL WHOLESALERS (Businesses which sell exclusively to retailers, manufacturers, or other wholesalers) and/or MANUFACTURERS: May be required to obtain a Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption, Consumers Use Tax License, or other license."

Now.. I know that some people think that operating as far under the radar when selling via internet is the easiest way to go. However, I don't wanna take a silly risk that may bite me one day.

So, am I better off just calling my Dept. of Rev, explaining what I will be doing and just asking them for everything I need? Or is that asking for more attention from them than I may need?

Thanks for any opinions and help. I welcome it all :)
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You should need a Resale Tax I'd from the state you are in as well. You are required to collect and pay sales tax on products sold to anyone who resides in your home state.

County licenses for a business vary so best to check directly with them.

Hope that helps!

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Apparently in my state there is no Resale Tax ID. Which is where the info about wholesaling confused me...
That is confusing... maybe they call it sales and use tax? I would just call them as you mentioned. Better safe than find out later and owe them money.

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Just got off the phone. Yeh, my state doesn't have a Resale Tax #, he said we use the regular Sales Tax ID. So now, I have no idea what number to use as my Resale Number on my shirts (he didn't know either) as my sales tax number is two numbers longer than all the other RNs I've seen (they're zeroes at the beginning). And I can't find that answer anywhere..
I answered more in-depth in your other thread. But the RN number you use on labels is a completely different number than your tax id number or resale number.
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