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Lets make some noise !!

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Hey guys i have watching AU & NZ forum in a couple of day's now.. seems very quite .. LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE !! lol
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OK, have you all seen the new Brother PR1000? Brother
if so what do you think? cheers Ed
WOW.. that's exciting im sure that would be an expensive one as well
how much the retail price ?
No idea on price but maybe we'll seea few cheap PR6??'s on the market! Could do with an extra PR6?? cheers Ed
It's Getting hot ... i think were back on biz hehe people will start wearing Tshirts :) do you think guys ?
As part of my small embroidery business I also sell workwear, uniform, T shirts etc. I had a friend who wanted 6 black T's as soon as possible (Embroirded with his logo) Now I advised that the embroidery would cost more than the T but that is what he wanted. Customer is nearly always right!!!
No way was I going to order 6 and pay $25 freight so I sent out emails to all customers and friends (is this spam!) and offered a Huge 50% once yearly sale. It did very well, haven't sold so many T's in one month. Think I will do this again sometime. cheers Ed:D:D:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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