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I got an email from a friend wanting to know if I would help out with an order he didn't have time to do ... we both screen print more as a hobby than any business ... his boss's husband owns a company and they wanted 23 shirts with a 5x5 front and 11x8.5 back ... white ink on navy ... he had already agreed to $13 a shirt ... more than I get for a local print ... so I said sure I would help out ...

well the companies "design team" sent the file and a mock up ... the back was on the bottom left??? On a male's large the design is lost ... I took pictures of my transparency on a white shirt, explaining their design was lost at the bottom of the shirt ... their reply ... "we agree that it gets somewhat lost on the larger shirts but it is just meant to be a minor design element." WTF????

The mock up was not in scale to the image ...

Bottom left ... I tried on the xl ... their design was on the my left butt cheek

Never again will I agree to print until I see the design and placement ...
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