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lego design

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Lego Movie
Stitchcount: 69032 sts


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Aaaaaargh - just when I think I'm getting somewhere with my digitizing you come and show me things like this. Lol. Just how long HAVE you been digitizing, and how long did this take you? It looks amazing!
ha ha ha thank you Alison..... you made my day.....sorry didn't wanna put you off....I punched my first design when I was 14.... this is actually the work of one of my digitizers who has been digitizing for the past 18yrs. This probably took him about 5 hrs. The joker design was his too....its all practice that gets you on top.....so don't give up, you will get there!! :))
Don't worry - there is no way you will put me off - but it's a long haul when it's all self-taught. No mentors or classes for me here in South Africa! :(
Here are a couple of designs I was happy with, but positive criticism is always accepted.
Next week I am also entering 5 t-shirts in the digitizing section of a "Love the Rhino" competition. At least then I will see how my work compares to other digitizers around the country. ;)


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nice work....what were u complaining?? your work is good!!

btw I'm up north from you....Kenya!! trust me if you're complaining about SA this place is even worse...lucky that I got my experience from UK.

I've made hundreds of african wildlife designs and I'm really interested in this rhino competition.... where can I find more info on it?
I've just checked on bernina site....the competition is only open to SA, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Botswana :(( but it was too late for me anyway cos they want the actual garments.... if you want ideas on rhino designs, pls PM me
Sorry about you not being able to do the rhino competition - I actually hadn't known there was a limit as to where the entries could come from. But, of course, better for me because now I still have a chance. HaHa. Thanks for the offer of help with designs, but 4 of the 5 t-shirts are already stitched out (and there are ideas for a 6th one bubbling in the brain). The trouble is getting time to sit and think about the designs, and using different aspects of the software, while work keeps coming in and has to take priority..
I know my digitizing is getting better, but it sometimes takes so LONG before I feel satisfied with a design (like a couple of WEEKS!!!). At other times it just seems to "flow". At least others in my home area like what I've achieved, and I can make pocket money from it. :)
Alison, do you do african wildlife orders?
I haven't been asked to do wildlife orders - the most animals I have done have been different kinds of cattle. (I think there was a show at the beginning of last year.) There are quite a few good looking wildlife designs available for sale on the internet, so I haven't been asked for anything specific. I think it would depend on how much time I had available to "play" with the software.
I see from previous posts of yours that you enjoy doing them.
yup its our speciality :)) goodluck in your competition
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Hey Rish. Guess what? I WON!!!!!!!! Happy dance. :) Will try and get a photo posted, but our internet is down at home, and I am only slowly learning how to do things on my husband's notebook.
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Would love to see the work....I'm working on a rhino design with kilimanjaro landscape design....will show you once done....
Congratulations Alison :) told you, you'll be a pro soon!!! you've done it now!! :)

Yeah would be great to see your work....was it an applique design?

Express D, would like to see the rhino design once its done too.
If you are on Facebook then go to Bernina RSA. They have posted pictures of the winners of the different categories. My winning one was all digitized. I put in 6 entries and only one had appliqué. I will still try and get pictures up of all of them, as I tried to cover different techniques.
Let's see if I managed to get them all on. The winner was the "Protected by Love" one.


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I have to say they are all very creative in their own way.......

the 2 rhinos in running stitches have come out really nice

the raindrop effect looks nice

the winning piece has a lot of meaning in it....did you get the ideas yourself? how did you decide on how to put it all together in that sort of design? is it all embroidery or printed as well? stitch count? everything about this design is perfect...the illustration is really nice....stitch effects on the trees are spot on....i wont change anything....well done!! maybe I should get you to create similar ideas for me ;)
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Thanks Rish. All my own ideas. There is no printing on any of them. Except for the appliquéd rhino eveything is embroidered. The "Protected with Love" has 79000 stitches and is 31cm wide by 33.5cm high. (Sorry, no inches here. :) ) It took 3 hoopings. I think the inspiration started when I came upon that "wiry" alphabet and thought of "fencing him in". None of them happened in a hurry. I think we were told about the competition in October or November last year, so I had quite lot of time (in between "real" work) to play with ideas and try to use different aspects of the software.
Alison, I really love your winning design. What software are you using for digitising? Also, what part of SA? I lived in PE for a couple of years.
Alison, I really love your winning design. What software are you using for digitising? Also, what part of SA? I lived in PE for a couple of years.
Steve look at the screen cap in first post
Alison may be using WILCOM ES-65 too.
Maybe, ES-65, is that a precursor to the current ES3?
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