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Legal side to things in Australia? and fund raising help

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Hey guys i know the answers are in the search function but i had a few things to talk about.

so i live in australia and would like to know if the legal side to things such as LLC, trademarking copyright,etc are the same as the usa?
and if any of you have actually worried about it or just waited until you have actually got a good market going?

on another note is there any good ways to publicize a fund raiser?
such a kickstarter for the US im using pozible ( http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/5724/description/0/0]Dominantdinosaur Get The Ball Rolling by Brayden Clark on Pozible)

ive posted on most social networks, etc and emailed but is there any real area to go?

also has fund raising helped anyone else on here?

thank you for your time guys, loving the info on here such a great site :)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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