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I'd like to have my shirts made here in the USA. But its become inevitably clear to me that outsourcing the services of everything but the design and distribution is considerably less expensive (by thousands of $$).

However, I'm concerned about the legal issues of importing shirts from outside the US. I'd like to take all of these things into consideration before going down any particular business path.

For instance, I got some samples recently of a manufacturer in India who will make shirts with printing and custom tags for the cost of $3.00 US per shirt. That's a $9 savings per shirt vs. US operated companies I've contacted.

The labels on the shirts however lack an RN# and a country of origin. Is there any legal issue or US law that states that anyone selling a material good (t-shirt) in the US must have an RN# (or have their RN# be registered with the FTC) and also have the country of origin who manufactured the shirt be clearly marked or even indicated on the shirts tag?

Is there a us .gov website with listings on these types of things?

Also, has anyone ever imported shirts into the US from countries such as India, or Pakistan, Mexico, etc? What is the obstacles involved in doing this (customs perhaps, or shipping problems)?

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