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Legal info

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Is it legal to sell or maybe start a brand of clothing with say a gildan shirt with the gildan tag?
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Yes, no problem at all.

Make sure the tags stay on so that the shirts comply with labeling laws.

If you remove the labels you have to add certain permanent information with a print or replacement label
So I shouldn't have no legal troubles reselling a product under name with a stamp of mine sort of say as long as it comes with tag. It just won't look as professional huh
Gildan shirts and others are manufactured so that they CAN be printed on and resold! :)

If you remove the label you have to add the required information. But you can certainly leave the label and most people printing on Gildan shirts probably do just that!
Go to any rock concert and buy a tshirt for $35. Pretty sure it will be a gildan.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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