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Layers in Corel Draw x3

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I have Corel Draw 3 and am learning how to use it ..... can someone help me figure out how to do layers in Corel for a 3 color tshirt.
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What specifically are you trying to do? Your Question is rather vague. Layers are an awesome management tool for drawing!
I have a 3 color shirt, and I need to use 3 screens for screen printing, I have only done 1 color screen printing and I have a friend who would like a 3 color. I have not idea how to layer in Corel - I have the design done, but how do I seperate it (layer) it to print out separetly for each color and have it line up on the tshirt when I screen print?
Windows>dockers>object manager

Right click>new layer

Then drag the items you want on to that layer.

Hope this helps.
Another way to do the separations is to let the program do the seperations for you. If your design is created in colors from the pantone pallette you can do your seperations. I am assuming there are no halftones or gradient fills?
I am not sure what you are talking about when you say halftones or gradient fills....Have not gotten into all of that yet, just starting out and am taking my first stab at doing multi colors. I thought when you were doing a multi color that everything had to be done in layers so that you could line it up on the screen for inking.
Create 4 layers (as described above)
1. Registration Marks
2. Color-1
3. Color-2
4. Color-4

Put each color in it own layer. You can turn the layers on & off


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Easier to use the built in Separations tab in your Print dialog command.
There is a ton of tutorials on Youtube. Go take a look.

now my next question is....I have an object that I have imported.....how do I make changes to that object.....like change the word on it or remove the stars from it, etc?
If the object is a vector, use the ungroup command. Then each item of the image should be separate and ready to change/delete. If it's not a vector, you'll need to convert it to a vector before you can manipulate it in Coreldraw. Coreldraw has the Trace function to convert images to vector.

Post a picture, let's have a look.
here is a nifty quick easy no hassle plugin for your corel that will seriously help you out SimpleSeps let me know if you have any questions or need help i have it and other things he offers and i really like it
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