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This is my first time posting any of my work here. This is the 3rd or fourth shirt I've done.

I produced this shirt previously with simple layering but over heated it and turned it to poo after it was already done. For some reason I decided it needed more heat.

Enough babbling.

I decided to retry this one using knockouts and traps to improve the hand.

Using ThermoFlex Plus.

Took some pics in process.

First layer is knocked out and trapped.

Second layer is not trapped but does overlap the first layer. Not sure if I got a bad batch of orange or it's the way it is but it has a white edge to it.

Third layer is trapped.

Fourth layer is trapped.

fifth layer (tiny bit of red) is trapped.

Sixth layer. In this layer I had to compensate for a mistake when I did the knockout. I forgot to select the white in the wing when I knocked out the black so I had no way to register it. I lined it up by sticking it to the back of the blue, setting both in place and removing the blue while holding the white down. Picture shows both colors applied.

Finally, I laid one more black knockout over top of everything hoping to clean up the orange edges a bit more. By this time some shrinkage had taken place so I had to cut it and piece it together to make it fit.

Still not overjoyed with it. Let's call it a 5 footer. For the next version I'm going to try printing it on JPSS with the WF-7510 that's due in tomorrow. Cobra pigments are already here waiting.

Blasted a logo on the front and called it done.
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