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Lawson Magic Spray

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Has anybody being using the Lawson Pretreat called Magic Spray?

I am out of California and we use about 8 gallons a week. This Pre Treat is great but only works with Epson based machines. Another bonus is the cost 77.00 per gallon.

Does anybody in California sell this? I want to try to save shipping from St Louis to Southern Cal.

Please let me know if you are getting the same results with Magic Spray? And is there a distributors in Southern California.
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At this time we do not have a distributor for our Magic Spray pre treat out in the west coast.

Give me a call and we can talk about different shipping strategies, since you are buying 8 gallons a week. We have cheaper prices when buying in 55-gallon drums or 5 or more 5-gallon containers at a time.

We will be happy to help you out in anyway.

Thanks for the positive response on the new Lawson Pre Treat (Magic Spray). It has been a fabulous product for us.


Andy Button
Sales Manager
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Hi Andy,

I will call you tomorrow. I want you to know that this pre treat is better than any pre treat we have every tested.

look forward talking with you tomorrow morning.
What is so great about it?
We have done several in-house testing and what we have come up with is the following:

1) The Lawson pre treat is more forgiving. When using too much of the DuPont pre treat we have found the ink will wash off the shirt; not enough pre treat you get an incredibly bad print.

With the Lawson Magic spray very forgiving. We have the Lawson pre treat machine and we can run the machine twice as fast with Lawson pre treat than the DuPont pre treat.

2) We have found there is little or no cracking of the white ink when properly used.

3) I have some say the colors are more vibrant, but that all depends on the person. So I would say there is not much or any difference.

4) Price is only $78.95 per gallon

5) I am dealing with the manufacture; which in the beginning was extremely beneficial

If you have any questions send me a message (JJ) or I would call Andy Button from Lawson, he is quit knowledgeable about his products, and the digital industry.

Lawson also has some Pre Treat Spray for CMYK only (light colored shirts) and this pre treat will not leave that “yellow stain” if you know what I mean. The colors on the white shirt with the pre treat are so much more vibrant after the print and after washings. I was amazed when using it. It does add some money to the white shirt but the quality is so much better.

Sorry for just responding, I do not constantly look at the forums. To busy trying to make some sales and make my companies grow in this bad economy. I have been blessed the last three years with steady growth.

I am telling anyone out there,that is currently using DuPont Pre treat to start using the Lawson Magic Spray. It will be saving you money and a way better product.

Not trying to be a Lawson advocate, but they have a very unique product.

Hey Andy, I am curious why don’t you advertise? I need to get a couple of free gallons for all this good feed back:p

Does anybody else have any feed back on the Lawson Magic Spray?

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Not trying to be a Lawson advocate, but they have a very unique product.
Actually, it sounds like that's exactly what you're trying to do.

Each of your 5 posts have been posts that only advertise Lawson SP and their products.

So the only time you find to post, it just *happens* to be to promote Lawson's products?

You also say you're from CA, but that's not really true. So you're obviously not being completely honest with us here. I hope Lawson doesn't condone the type of activity you're doing on their behalf.

It really hurts the trust members have in member recommendations with actions like this.
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Nice catch Rodney.
Isn't the Lawson a single sprayer from the center? If so, what about fade or feathering of the pretreatment on the edges?

A plastic spray bottle works just as well and for the $3K-$6K for these things I would say it isn't worth it unless you are doing a lot of production.

we use about 8 gallons a week
that is a lot of shirts or a lot of waste.
This is about Lawsons pretreatment fluid, not pretreatment machines.
This is about Lawsons pretreatment fluid, not pretreatment machines.
ok, thanks. magic spray through me off. :D
I am an actual user of the Lawson Pre-Treat solution. I am in St. Louis, however, I am not connected to Lawson in any way other than being a customer. We have a DTG Viper (which by the way has been great for us) and had been using the DTG pre-treat solution until Lawson came out with this product. I can honestly say that the Lawson product is better and cheaper than the other pre-treat that we had been using. The major benefit that we have experienced is consistency. The DTG pre-treat was not consistent, sometimes we would get a great print and other times we would not. With the Lawson product, we get the equivalent of the best DTG print all the time. We have not seen a reduction in the amount of treatment that we use. But overall we have found it to be a much better value for the money (lower cost to begin with, less waste from poor pre-treat application...). We have also noticed less issues with the pre-treat nozzle clogging. I will admit that I have made several posts about the Lawson products but have done so in an attempt to provide good information from someone who has hands on experience with the product.
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