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Lawn Service/Landscaper Shirts?

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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a shirt for a landscaper? Breathable, absorbs sweat, good price, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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best bet in my opinion is the G800. If your customer likes poly, then an ST350
best bet, in my opinion, is the G800. If your customer likes poly, then an ST350

yeh I'm a fan of the G800. Was hoping to get a few more replies though.
What type of shirts? The guys I make shirts for like long-sleeve polos. Collars and sleeves to protect necks and arms from the sun. 50/50. No neon colors because it's uncomfortable on the eyes in the glaring sun.
Gildan 42400 Long Sleeve, 42000 Short sleeve. These are great for this. They have full performance features, but feel and wear like a cotton t-shirt. I push these over the SportTek any time I can. Order yourself in a sample in the short sleeve, and you'll see what I mean.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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