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Late Order Additions - What Would You Do?

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Here's a question for the masses. If you own or manage a print shop, what do you do when a customer places an order, and AFTER you order shirts for the job they call to add "just a couple more"? 99% of the time these additions occur after the shirts are ordered, but before the job hits the press. Seems to be an issue when a customer is ordering for their event or club and people are submitting their requests for a shirt late.

Do you charge them for a new order? Add the extras to the existing order and eat the shipping from your supplier for the extras? Eat the shipping but upcharge the additional prints?

I've only had this happen a couple of times, and I'm not sure of the best way to handle this sort of situation.
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My answer on this one is...it depends.

I try to be supper easy to work with and bend over backwards for customer service. A lot of times I can order the additional blanks with another order, so that way it doesn't cost me anything extra. If its a good repeat customer, and they are usually good about not changing orders, I do everything I can in order to make them happy, including eating a little bit of the shipping for the add-ons, if it's a big enough order.

If its a small order, or a customer that does this consisitantly, I explain that it cost $XXX for shipping for me to get the shirts in and charge them that amount.
We are like Nick, we try to be supportive and we do want their business, sometimes things just happen, but to answer your question we charge for the shirts plus any other costs incurred to produce the extras....luckily we have a wholesaler in town so we rarely have to pay any shipping charges, but if we did they would have to pay that as a additional cost.

Having said that we do let big customers or large orders add a shirt or two sometimes and eat the entire cost, it's just good business but totally depends on our relationship with the client.

Hope this helps.
Thanks guys, that's basically what I've been doing - just whatever it takes to please the customer. If it becomes a habit I'll have to handle it differently, but for the most part I've been doing what you guys do. Thanks!
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