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Last ditch effort with Simple Green....suggestions or instructions?

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Im finally getting somewhere with my gt541! (after 5 months) Its not the tubes, its been a clogging issue and what seemed to be dried ink going into my new print head clogging it up.

So the tech has been here, cleaned out all the tubes, flushed everything and now all I need is another new print head.

The one I have is brand new but filled with the bits of dried ink from the lines. So...it isnt going to hurt to mess with the head and see if I can get this stuff dissolved with simple green. Bonus if I can get it to work!!

Any instructions or thoughts on how to get this cleaned out. The tech worked on it for about an hour and a half...he's gone and its just sitting soaking right now.

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Before you inject anything "into" the head, you should send it through a disc filter first.

Simple Green is a janitorial product that is not intended to flush through inkjet heads. It is possible you can permanently clog the head if any particulate is floating around in there.

The disc filter will strain out particles that are larger than the nozzle openings or the internal filters. They fit on the tip of disposable syringes.
I never ran simple green through lines but did on heads, black and cyan was pretty much dead but after a few days of soaking and whipping zero issues since, with thousands of prints since incident, just make sure to dilute because stuff is pretty concentrated.
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will ammonia and a warm water mix work? its what i use on my epson print heads to flush and had a clogged line and it worked well too, thats a white line, (knock wood) we are on the print head that came with our unit in november 2010 and have over 2,000 prints is my guess, we do it every few weeks, different systems but bot water based inks, i would not soak though- mabe windex would work too, this is what we do with epson units
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