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Forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this question - I didn't see anything that fit exactly. Any suggestions appreciated or feel free to move appropriately.

I read that laser heat transfers do not do images of people very well but the same has been said about inkjet transfers. Quality of prints of people is important because my plan is to do custom prints of family photography on t-shirts and other merchandise. I saw amazing videos regarding laser transfers with ImageClip for dark t-shirts but the printers are very expensive so I am considering what else can be done with the laser printer before investing - such as images on mugs, canvas, license plates, and other hard surfaces.

Does anyone have any opinions regarding prints of people with the following processes:
1. Inkjet with pigment inks 4-color or higher
2. Inkjet with sublimation inks 4-color or higher
3. Laser heat transfers

Also, how do laser printers compare with alternatives to regular photography prints?

So far I have only invested in an Epson WF-7710 which is still unboxed - I didn't want to miss out on the sale. I also have a Digital Knight K20S heat press that I spent a lot of money on in 2007 so I'm hoping it is still good after being in storage. Any recommendations on how to check the heat accuracy?

Thank you in advance for any advice one may provide.
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