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Laser vs. Inkjet printer output for burning screens

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Been reading posts regarding output to burn screens for mostly spot colors. Was in the biz years ago and getting back in. At that time was using an old Xante (600dpi) with Casey Page Mill vellum. Worked fine for what we did (mostly logos).

Looking to update (it has been a while...) the printer and ask for suggestions/confirmation. From what I have gleaned + questions:

Laser printer - uses vellum and can print spot separations (did before) using Arts & Letters Express. Not anticipating a need but can also print half tones? Recommended printers (preferably HP because of availability; am overseas)?

Inkjet - uses film and needs a RIP program to work. Recommended printers? Film?

Any other comments laser vs. inkjet would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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The inkjets (typicall epson) seem to be what printers are mostly using nowadays. The inkjet needs a rip to make halftones if you're going directly from Illustrator. Photoshop can of course make it's own halftones. Illustrator can't make dots, only send instructioms to a rip.
Check with a screen printer supply company though. Not every epson printer is suitable for film.
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