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laser transfer papers help needed

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I need some advice on how expand my business but I as I am very small business I am worried about spending my money and making the wrong decision :(

I have been doing standard vinyl t-shirt, polos, jumpers and hoodies for about a year now and have a bit of cash to expand my business. I am thinking about getting a laser printer with white toner so I can print on black garments can any one tell me what is the best paper for color prints that works on all the above garments (black) but also is not heavy?

I would also like to know what is the best paper for one color designs that are very complex and thus cannot be done with vinyl and not as heavy and work all the above garments (black).

I hope the above is not to convoluted.

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Go to YOU TUBE. Look up FOREVER PAPERS. There are a variety of these transfer papers for use for printing onto various substrates.

Using a LOW TEMPERATURE inexpensive laser black and white printer ( HP is usually too hot and melts the papers) and Forever Flex-Soft (no cut) transfer paper, you print on reverse side of selected colored (or white) sheet and press together with supplied 2nd sheet, than transfer the color(or white ) or metal foil (silver) to your shirt by heat press.
Bingo. No weed no cutting. It is a 2 step system.

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