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Anyone here ever try a laser transfer paper on the Ricoh7110sx with white toner?
I have... My sister has the 7100X.
Prints really fast, but printing transfers (or other non-standard papers) will dramatically reduce the lifespan of components.
Still, compared to the OKI printers people use, cost per sheet is much lower (around 10-20 cents per A3 sheet).

Some printers run too hot for certain papers (HP, I believe)
Heat is not bad... Heat at low speed is the problem these printers have. The fusers can be modified of course, but that's another subject.
Anyway, the 7100X is super fast and actually not hot enough in some cases. Some glossy labels for example have to be heat pressed to fuse the toner properly, otherwise the toner is flaking off when scratched with a fingernail.
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