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Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble with my work.

I don't know if someone here has used or uses winlase to print on tshirts, it's a software that works with an optical device that "shoots" a laser directly into the garment, it is supposed that the laser makes the design in the garment, it works similar as a cutting plotter, the laser "burns" or undyes the tshirt on the design area.

I'm new in using this software, I was wondering if someone has used or uses it, because i have problems handling the files, I only send JPG at 100 dpi in grayscale, and the final results turns into a one color print, "black and white" if you wanna call it that way, and with loss of detail. I have known that it can also be "printed" gray tones, and grey halftones but, i really don't know how to do it.

I know is a weird process, but I hope someone knows something about it. :confused:

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