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Laser or inkjet?

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Ok I for some reason my question has disappeared, but anyway, what do I need to print my films with, I've alsways been told I need a laser printer, but it seems I can use an inkjet printer, and do I need accurip? I will be printing halftones, but for the most part the halftones will be inbeded in the art already, because I have my seps subbed out, I will eventually do my own seps, but for now I've got someone else doing them,

I've looked on the forum, and I am confused as to what to get, I need something cheap, and that can do some pretty fine halftones, I don't care to buy used, just a little help to point me in the right direction,

I don't know why my other post was removed, I wasn't self promoting, so I don't get it, I'm sure this question has been asked, and I've looked up some answers, but like I said, I was under the impression that you had to have a laser printer, but on here I believe you guys are saying an inkjet will work.

So what do I need, what are my options, anyone
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Also nevermind, I found my old Post, it was just buried I guess,
The above post got 17 replies in 14 minutes, and I can't get one person to help me? And I'm sure that question has been asked also
For the most part, laser printers suck for films, you need an inkjet.

You do not need AccuRIP (which is quite expensive for what it is ... I know, I have it :p). If your art already contains the halftones, then all AccuRIP is for at that point is controlling an All Black Ink System (which you also do not need, but can be nice to have).

Buy the least expensive Epson that is wide enough to print the films you will use. You do NOT need a 7 or 8 color printer to print black films. That said, those are the ones designed to print on photo and art paper, and tend to have better paper handling than the office oriented printers, but it probably doesn't matter.

You can either print black form just the black ink cartridge, or you can get refillable carts and fill them all with black (in which case you save you art Rich Black, which is composed of every ink color so it will print from all carts, rather than pure black on its own). Obviously the first option is cheaper and easier, so try it first and if you are happy with it, you are done.

What software are you printing from? If CorelDraw, SimpleSeps Raster is reasonably priced and gives you control over All Black if you want.

Search on here for recommendations on the best printer settings if you if printing from just one black cart or DIY all black--that's not how I do it, so don't know the settings off hand.
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Yes finnaly, a response, thank you!! For your response, ok so here is the bad part, I don't even have a computer, or software, all that will come later, which is why I am subbing the seps out.

The shop printing my films started charging me 4 dollars per film, actually they use Vellum, and I don't like it.

all my art is done using different apps, I have on a tablet, and my phone, then send them off to have color separated, then I have to send those files to another shop to print them onto film, they just told me it's to much for them to print my films also, so I have to at least buy a printer, so I can print my films at home.

I can post a picture of some jobs I've done, so you can see what kind of detail I need

I was thinking accurip wasn't necessary, but wasn't sure. So basically I'll be connecting my tablet or phone to the printer and printing like that. I have all the printing equipment, but just nothing on the other end
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